Hello Creative Sustainability fellows! CS on Movies has been asleep for too long, and we would like to invite you to bring the tradition back alive. We are lucky to have the producer and the director of the documentary film Visible Climate to introduce the movie and tell about the process. The other agenda of the event is to connect new and old CS students, tell a bit what kind of events have been arranged in the past and discuss about ASC ry (A Sustainability Community). ASC ry, is looking for new members, and we would be happy to pass on this registered association to active CS students to serve your purposes.

The nature of the event is casual. Good time, food and interesting discussions. Love, peace etc. All CSers and CS minded people are warmly welcomed. Feel free to arrive early to help with organizing. Help is needed especially with the snacks, more info later.

17:30 CS & ASC ry
17:45 Visible Climate director and producer
18:00 Movie: Visible Climate – discussions about climate change in Finland
19:00 Snacks and mingling

Visible Climate:

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