Interested in learning about Vegan cooking in Helsinki?
Hoping to veganize your favorite dishes for a healthier kitchen?
Does a fine dinner with like-minded attendees appeal to you?

Come join us at ASC’s ‘Vegan Home Cooking: Like a pro’ night, where community members will give a lesson on how to make vegan meal. Space is limited to 15 people, so register fast!

Register here:

A confirmation email will be sent before the event.

Our guides will walk you the steps for preparing your own three course vegan meal. The courses are:

Lightly salted kale chips

Lentil meatloaf
Soy sauce stir fried broccoli with carrots

Chocolate sweet potato brownie with chocolate avocado icing (believe me, it’s seriously good)

Attendance fee is €5
(includes a three-course dinner) (non-refundable if registration is not canceled by 20.4)