Welcome To A Sustainability Community

ASC Ry is an association created by students of Aalto Creative Sustainability to expand the dialogue about sustainability challenges in society, and to seek, initiate and implement cooperation and prototyping of sustainability strategies.

Who Is ASC

ASC objective is to set sustainability on today’s society agenda through events, trainings, projects and publications.
We believe in  collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex wicked problems
We bring creativity and innovation to impactful outcomes.

Our Crazy Skills

CSR 95

Meet Our Board

Janne  J Salovaara
Janne J SalovaaraPresident of the board
Before entering CS in the first batch 2010, Janne studied industrial design. At CS he’s taken enough courses and projects under to cover almost two MA degrees, including a minors worth of social studies at Helsinki Uni. Janne is a co-founder of the sustainable think/do-tank: Big Plans Bakery, that works in the field of sustainability doing research projects, facilitating workshops, and running courses at CS – to name few functions..
Kätlin Kangur
Kätlin KangurBoard member
Kätlin is a designer exploring life in between disciplines, systems and hierarchies. Researching global food issues, urbanisation and digitalisation with a focus on human potential and fair practice.
Glen Forde
Glen FordeBoard member
Engineer-turned-designer-turned-something else. Behind-the-scenes activist, cofounder of ASC.
Andrea Valladares
Andrea ValladaresBoard member
Maria Fernanda Gonzalez
Maria Fernanda GonzalezBoard member
Nicholas Torretta
Nicholas TorrettaBoard member
Nicholas is a Brazilian designer focused on social innovation and alternative ways of sustainable living.
Caroline Moinel
Caroline MoinelBoard member
Caroline is a student in architecture interested in participatory design and sustainable living in various contexts and forms.
Martina Bendová
Martina BendováBoard member
Erwan Mouazan
Erwan MouazanBoard member
Erwan has a Master’s Degree in International Management. He has worked for 10 years in the sustainability arena for ngo’s and consultancies. He’s currently completing his second master’s at Aalto University School of Business, in the Creative Sustainability Programme. He is founder of www.ecovala.eu
Katharina Telfser
Katharina TelfserBoard member
Elisa Andretti
Elisa AndrettiBoard member
Elisa is an Italian architect experimenting with sustainability at various scales, from urban design to small and social entrepreneurship.